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Frequently Asked Questions

Our school hours are 7:40am – 2:30pm.

Students may be dropped off at 7:15am and wait on the playground with their classmates.

Students start to enter the building at 7:30.

Lunch is $2.55 and breakfast is $1.40, which includes a milk in that price. You can order juice or water for an additional cost.

Breakfast is served from 7-8am every morning.

Your child is assigned a lunch number and this is how they are charged. You can add money to your child’s lunch account at any time through Powerschool or by sending money to the school office. You will get emailed when your child’s lunch balance is getting low.

A monthly calendar with our daily breakfast and lunch menu is posted at the top of our website.

Our goal is to maintain class sizes of approximately 25 students per class (20 for preschool).

We currently offer the following programs for all kindergarten through eighth grade students: Spanish, library, and counseling.

We offer a variety of extracurricular activities which include both athletics and activities.

All Saints has volleyball for girls in grades sixth through eighth and basketball for boys and girls in grades sixth through eighth.

We offer a variety of activities which can be viewed here.

We offer a variety of technology resources which include a one-to-one ratio of Chromebooks to students. For our STEM programs and computer science curriculum, we use a variety of resources which include iPads and Osmo kits for our elementary students and Z-Space curriculum for our middle school students.

All grade levels include a daily curriculum of reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies and religion. Students rotate special classes on a three-day basis which include physical education, music and art. Enrichment classes are on a six-day rotation for kindergarten through fifth grade students. A student’s typical day varies by grade level.