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Family Tuition Plan

A Catholic education is not out of reach! We are blessed with a variety of opportunities to make Catholic education an available choice for all families.

Option 1

The Family Tuition Plan: “Embracing Our Future” (EOF)

The Family Tuition Plan was developed to link families attending Scott County Catholic Schools (SCCS) to the Embracing Our Future and the Mississippi Valley School Tuition Organization financial aid programs. All K-8 families are encouraged to apply. Your application is strictly confidential. If you have any questions about The Family Tuition Plan, call the program coordinator, Gina Tillman, at Assumption High School, 563.326.5313 ext. 228.

school mascot logo of bernie
school mascot logo of bernie
school mascot logo of bernie

Option 2

The Father Kenneth Martin Scholarship

This scholarship is for K-8 tuition assistance for needy families experiencing unexpected financial hardship who have students enrolled at our Scott County Catholic Schools. One must first apply to the Family Tuition Plan. If further need is present, please contact the school principal or the pastor from your parish. This fund is supported by the annual Fr. Ken Martin Golf Tournament.