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Dress Code & Uniforms

What to Wear

Uniform/Dress Code

This dress code is designed to promote a positive learning environment that includes respect for one another and to create a positive school community. All clothing must be modest, clean and well fitting. Jewelry and hair accessories must be modest as well.

The following list represents clothing that is permitted as part of the dress code. Any other clothing is not part of the uniform:

Skirt: Grades K-8
Jumper: Grades K-4
Skort: Grades K-4
Slacks: Girls & Boys
Shorts: Girls & Boys
Shirt: Girls & Boys
Sweaters: Girls & Boys
Sweatshirts: Girls & Boys
Belts: Girls & Boys
Footwear: Girls & Boys
Socks: Girls & Boys
Hairstyles: Girls & Boys
Jewelry: Girls & Boys
Spirit Wear: Girls & Boys

NUT Day Dress Code

Even when there is an out of uniform dress day, certain guidelines are appropriate for a Catholic school. This is not intended to limit the fun of these theme days but they are intended to provide a minimum standard.

If these requirements are not met, parents will be called to bring in appropriate clothing or the student will wear uniform clothing provided by the school.

Physical Education

All students will participate in the physical educational program of the school unless they are prohibited because of ill health. A note from the doctor is required for the student to be excused. Students in grades 4-8 are required to wear the PE Uniform for the whole day. The uniform is purchased through the Handicapped Development Center.

The PE Uniform is as followed:

During colder months:

All students must have non-marking athletic shoes for P.E.