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Athletics & Activities

All Saints offers a variety of enrichment activities for students to participate in throughout the year including activities, clubs and sports.

boys on the basketball team


We offer the following sports for students 6-8 grade:

Girls Basketball (August – October)
Girls Volleyball (October – December)
Boys Basketball (December – February)
Cheerleading (December – February)

Each team will compete against St. Paul the Apostle, Our Lady of Victory, Lourdes and St. Joe’s in DeWitt. At the end of each season there is a tournament to compete for a traveling trophy.

students playing instruments during band class


Students in 5th – 8th grade have the chance to learn a musical instrument. Individual student lessons and summer band lessons are available. Band meets twice a week with individual lessons once a week. There will be opportunities to perform in and attend various concerts, competitions, contests, and festivals throughout the year.

young kids sitting around table learning to play bells

Bell Choir

Open to 4th – 8th grade students. We learn how to play the bells and read sheet music. This group is great for learning how to play independently within a group to create beautiful music. Any student, experienced or not, is welcome to join!

student staring at chess board

Chess Club

Players learn the rules, pieces and moves of the game. Students combine educational skills and strategies to play against other students to improve their game.

students from the leadership club

Leadership Club

A few students from each grade come together to discuss and learn the differences between being a leader and being a boss. We have short lessons on the qualities and characteristics found in good leaders and explore how we can implement those in our daily lives at school. We decorate the hallways with positive, holiday themed messages and in the future hope to host a plethora of social events for the whole school as well as quarterly charity fundraising!

group of students that participated in mock trial

Mock Trial

Students get the chance to become familiar with the legal system. They learn about trial procedures based on a real case. They play the parts of the witnesses, lawyers and timekeepers. They get to present their case and use both defense and prosecution to compete against another school.

students from the prayer buddies group

Prayer Families

Once a month students break out into groups (one student per grade is in each group) to work on a variety of activities. In the past we have done Blankets for homeless shelters, cards for Veterans, Valentine’s crafts for nursing homes and Holy Week activities.

students holding certificates from the science fair

Science Fair

6th and 7th grade students create projects using critical thinking, problem solving, time management and communication by applying principles of the scientific method. Students get the opportunity to investigate and solve problems that interest them through independent research that can continue to benefit them through their academic and professional careers.

kids from the Spanish club

Spanish Club

Students will get to learn more in depth about Spanish culture. We do activities with food, music, dance, holidays and art all while learning about the Spanish language and Latino culture in our community.

female student writing word on whiteboard

Spelling Bee

Every year students in 3rd – 7th grade compete in class level competitions. Top representatives from each class move on to grade and school level. 3 winners from each grade move on to District and possibly Regional Level Competitions.

female student doing the splits on floor mat in gym

Talent Show

Every other year we have an All School, All Ages Talent Show. Students will audition their acts and we hold weekly practices until the night of the big performance. Our Talent Show is usually held in the Spring and previous acts have included: singing, gymnastics, musical instruments, martial arts, magic tricks, artistic talents, fashion show, all types of dancing, sports skills and many more!

male students being tutored by teacher


Title 1 tutoring is available to students who qualify for the service. Teachers from various grade levels instruct students in reading and math interventions for 50 minutes after school.

group of students practicing vocal choir

Vocal Choir

Vocal choir is for 4th – 8th grade students. We sing a variety of pieces and perform at concerts and Mass. We learn how to read sheet music, sing in harmony, and perform. Any student, experienced or not, is welcome to join!

Please note, students have the ability to create clubs based on their interests so these activities may change at any time.