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Tuition Costs ACTUAL

Tuition for 2023- 2024 Academic School Year

New & Returning Students: Parish Subsidizing

Parish Subsidizing1 Student
Full Payment$4,580
Two Payments (beginning of each semester)$2,290
Four Payments (beginning of each quarter)$1,145
Monthly Payments (monthly July-June)$381.67

Returning Students: NonParish Subsidizing

NonParish Subsidizing1 Student2 Students3 Students4 Students
Full Payment$6,485$10,210$13,060$15,250
Two Payments (beginning of each semester)$3,242.50$5105$6530$7,625
Four Payments (beginning of each quarter)$1,621.25$2,552.50$3,265$3,812.50
Monthly Payments (monthly July-June)$540.50$850.85$1,088.35$1,270.85

New Students: NonParish Subsidizing

NonParish SubsidizingPer Student
Full Payment$6,790
Two Payments (beginning of each semester)$3,395
Four Payments (beginning of each quarter)$1,697.50
Monthly Payments (monthly July-June)$566

Payments can be made in full in August, two payments – one in August and one in January, quarterly – one payment at the beginning of each quarter, or monthly payments to begin in June. Electronic transfer or paying automatically from your bank account is strongly encouraged.

The student technology and activity fees are now included in each student’s tuition.

To download the tuition fees in PDF form, click here.