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...We are committed to nurturing each child's spiritual, intellectual, social, moral, emotional and physical development...

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All Saints School Board

The All Saints School Board meets monthly on the 3rd Monday of the month at 5:15 P.M.  at Holy Family’s church office.

Parents, parishioners, and community members are invited to come to our meetings to find how the board is helping plan long range goals for our school.

Diocese of Davenport Board of Education Policy Manual The Board Policy Manual is intended to serve as a guide and explanation of some of the roles, responsibilities, procedures and structures for boards of education within the Diocese of Davenport. It is the responsibility of every board of education member to be familiar with the content of this manual in order to best serve the educational ministry of the Church.


Policies for Faith Formation and Education Programs


Board of Education / Faith Formation Committee Orientation Manual


Series 100

Series 200

Series 300

Series 400

Series 500

Series 600

Series 700

Series 800

Series 900

BOE By-Laws
BOE Constitution



Fr. Rich Adam, SH                   

Fr. Paul Appel, SA                   

           Fr. H. Robert Harness, HF        

           Sean Heiser, SA                        

           Rachel Huber, SH                     

Juana Huizar, SM                     

Kelly Kersten, HF                    

Katie Lacina, HF                      

            Paul Roe, HF                            

Mother Susan Rueve OSF, SA 

Andy Trasowech, SH                

Fr. Guillermo Trevino, SM       

Tim Heinrichs, SH

            Jeanne Von Feldt, ASCS            (non-voting member)

School Board Meeting -9-21-15

ASCS Board Meeting 10.19.15

ASCS Board Meeting 11.16.15

ASCS Board Meeting 1-4-16

ASCS Board Meeting 2-8-16

ASCS Board Minutes 3-7-16

ASCS Board Minutes 4-8-16

ASCS Board Minutes 5-16-16

No June Meeting

ASCS Board Minutes July 2016

ASCS Board Minutes 8-8-16

ASCS Board Minutes 9-19-16

ASCS Board Minutes 10-17-16

ASCS Board Minutes 11-15-16

No December Meeting

ASCS Board Minutes 1-2017


ASCS Board Minutes 2-2017


ASCS Minutes 3-2017


ASCS Minutes 5-2017


ASCS Minutes 6-2017

No July Meeting

ASCS Minutes 8-2017