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...We are committed to nurturing each child's spiritual, intellectual, social, moral, emotional and physical development...

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1)      Sign in to your JMC Parent account

2)      Click on ‘Alert Configuration’ on the left side of the screen

3)      Here, you have several options:

·         Send an email alert when student is marked absent (check that box, click ‘Save’)

·         Send an email alert when student is marked tardy (check that box, click ‘Save’)

·         Send an email alert when student has missing scores (check that box, click ‘Save’)

·         You can also receive an alert when your child’s grade falls below a certain percentage, and you can choose to do this for every class by clicking on ‘Fill Percentage Column’.  For example: If you want an alert email when your child’s grade falls below a C, you would enter 76% as your percentage, because that is the lowest percentage for a C.  If you have more than one child here at school, you would need to do this for all of them.  When you are finished entering percentages you will need to click ‘Save’, down at the bottom of your screen.


If you have any questions we encourage you to reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher through email or phone.



Grade Code for Grades K-8

A                             93-100%

A-                            90-92%

B+                           87-89%

B                             83-86%

B-                            80-82%

C+                           77-79%

C                             73-76%

C-                            70-72%

D+                           67-69%

D                             63-66%

D-                            60-62%

F                              0-59%



Art projects can be turned in within the quarter for full credit.

Band lessons can be made up within the quarter for full credit.

If a student has late daily work, they may receive half credit if it is turned in within one day of the due date.

For major assignments and projects, each day it is turned in late, there will be a 10% deduction.

Parents should contact the classroom teacher for special circumstances to be addressed.

Students have two days for each day they are absent to turn in their make-up work.

Students and parents can monitor late and missing assignments through JMC.

Spanish homework can be turned in before the quiz/test for that section.