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...We are committed to nurturing each child's spiritual, intellectual, social, moral, emotional and physical development...

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 All Saints Catholic School Faculty and Staff


Mrs. Jeanne O'Brien Von Feldt  - All Saints Catholic School Principal
B.S. Elementary Education, Middle School/Secondary Education, 6-12 Alternative Education, from MaryCrest College
M.A. Educational Leadership from Marion College


David Sowells -Assistant Principal & Technology Director

BA Elementary Education, K-6 Classroom, K-8 Social Studies from St. Ambrose University

Talented and Gifted from Drake University

M.A. Education Administration from St. Ambrose University

Office Staff

Karen Slaby-

Mandy Shaffer

Rose Miller  -Office Manger/Bookkeeper


Teaching Staff
Tracy Wren-Preschool Teacher

Jana Bennett-Preschool Teacher & Afternoon Daycare

Diana Heiser-Preschool Aide for Mrs. Parchert's Room

Kim Schaefer- Preschool Aide for Mrs. Bennett's Room


Julie Styvaert-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Styvaert's Website


Jennifer Ruefer-Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Ruefer's Website


Katti Parker-1st grade

Mrs. Parker's Website

Kathy Veith-1st grade

Mrs. Veith's Website


Brianne Parchert- 2nd grade

Mrs. Parchert's Website


Jill Hixson-2nd grade
Mrs. Hixson's Website


Sheila Fowler-3rd grade

Mrs. Fowler's Website 


Donna Vinar-3rd grade

                                      Mrs. Vinar's Website                                     


Deb Frick-4th grade Language Arts, Reading, & Religion
Mrs. Frick's Website

Mary Morrison-4th Grade Math, Science

Miss Morrison's Website
Math Review Games 


Eileen O'Brien-5th grade 

Mrs. O'Brien's Website


Julie McCreary-5th grade


Genevieve Alatorre-Aide

Preschool & Kindergarten


Deborah Wilson

Head of Library Services

Middle School Resource



Ashley Bennett - 6th & 7th Grade Language Arts



Isaac Silver- Middle School Math


Cheryl Jones- Middle School Religion

Mrs. Jones' Website


Adam Tucker-Middle School Science


Sandy Thomson-Middle School Social Studies

Mrs. Thomson's Website 



Kelli Houston-7th & 8th Grade Language Arts
Ms. Houston’s Website 


Sara Hawkins- Band

Mrs. Hawkin's Website


Doug Neubauer- Physical Education Teacher


Kelli Rohlf-K-8 Art


 Michael Barry-Music Teacher

Mr. Barry's Website


Amanda Hoffmann-K-8 Spanish


Pauline Thomsen- Middle School Interventionist  


Lori Argo - K-3 Reading Specialist


Abbi Lievens

K-5 Reading Interventionist



Meecheeca McNeal- School Counselor
Mrs. McNeal's Website